Answer Desk includes a robust feature set designed to improve customer interaction quality and increase team productivity.

"Crowd-Sourced" knowledge base engine
All Answer Desk support tickets can be marked private or made available to members of your user community. Public tickets are the basis of an organic, ever-growing knowledge base. With a highly organized structure, Answer Desk underscores the virtues of "self-service" and allows users to discover answers to their questions without any direct intervention from members of your support team.
Always organized
Whether your business experiences low or high support traffic volumes, Answer Desk’s suite of ticket categorization tools are designed to direct incoming communications into appropriate queues for timely and accurate follow-ups.
Private conversations
Answer Desk keeps private conversations private – be it those between internal team members or discussions with customers. As you’d expect, we’ve made it extremely easy for employees to discuss, comment and address issues raised by customers via internal notes that are never visible to the public.
An engaged, enthusiastic community
Help customers help one another and engender a fully-engaged user community. By posting comments or answering incoming questions, your customers can help decrease support ticket volume and help impart practical knowledge. Yes, with Answer Desk you’ll soon turn everday users into enthusiastic product evangelists.
It’s all in the cloud
With Answer Desk, you’ll say goodbye to costly self-managed systems and apps that require complex setup and administration. Once you’ve registered for your account, Answer Desk will automatically generate an internal interface for your support team and a public-facing site for your customers.
Automate workflows
An efficient help desk demands that routine actions are always automated. From ticket assignment to follow-up communication logic, Answer Desk Triggers helps you offload repetitive and mundane actions so your team operates at maximum effectiveness at all times.
API & Integration
Answer Desk API allows you to easily synchronize your employee and customer profiles and implement integration with your CRM system. With the Answer Desk API, you can get full access to your tickets data for export. You can also import and export user profiles in the Management portal UI.