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These companies are already using Answer Desk

"Answer Desk allows you to run your own support system from scratch very quickly. Answer Desk converts emails to tickets automatically and sends our answers as email messages to our customers. All the advantages of the ticketing system with no migration stress for customers. We do not have to maintain our Support System anymore - Answer Desk will do it for us."

"Email support can be painful, but we are already using email support and our customers got used to it. With Answer Desk, we can use all the advantages of modern ticketing systems - categorization, tags, triggers and process incoming support traffic in an efficient way. And, which is more important for us, our migration from email support to a ticketing system did not affect our customers - all they need to do to get support is to write an email to our support address. Simply awesome!"

"We do not have dedicated support team for processing support tickets - instead any of our developers can answer incoming questions. To avoid answer duplication, to have an ability to assign tickets and categorize them, we need a special tool. Answer Desk handles all our requirements with ease, and setting a system up for our company took several minutes! Amazing tool!"